Antique Upholstery and Decoration Jacquard Fabric

is what we do for sale from our own textile factory with old tradition of weaving in South Bohemia (Czech Rebublic), historical fabric in style renaissance, baroque and rococo, empire, art nouveau, art deco, functionalism, sixties / 1960s, vintage and other stylish fabric, you can see on line in our cataloque and buy them direct as coupon or in bulk, on request also fireproof / flame retardant modification, as well as special designs and historical texture replicas.

The jacquard type fabrics that we offer are made in our factory with the most advanced looms; we don’t import them.

This allows us to fully control their design, manufacture and quality, in order to better respond to your request.

Our reputation is based on an irreproachable quality of weaving, a robustness particularly highly sought after for the upholstering of seats, and reasonable prices.

As large as it is, our collection will never be able to satisfy the very different tastes and needs of all our customers across Europe. This is why we have organized our production to be able to specially manufacture the fabrics requested by professionals in the upholstery or decoration fabrics, whatever their style or material (cotton, linen, hemp, viscose, polyester, wool, non-flammable).
Thus, from only ten meters, we can make the fabric of your choice, whether it is a reproduction of a historical motif or a contemporary creation.
From our catalog or from a special weaving, our fabrics are thus prescribed for the largest interiors, public or private, and in the collections of the big names in publishing.
It is this precious service that we offer you through our agent, always at your disposal to carry out your projects.